How To Add A Shopping Cart To Your Website

Adding a Website Shopping Cart

by Dave Curtis on 11/21/2010 · 2 comments

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The Addition of a Shopping Cart to Your Site

I get calls from businesses wanting to set up shopping carts and begin selling products online all the time. A small percentage of them do it, but most don’t because they’re frightened of losing control of their accounts, hackers, I suppose, or something else – maybe they’re afraid they won’t make any sales and will have spent a lot of money for nothing.

A few things that you should know is that if you already have a credit card vending account there’s a shopping cart system that won’t cost you anything. Here’s an example of a few cart buttons over to the right from a client’s site that I’m pasting into this blog page as an example. You’ll notice that they’re pretty ugly sitting over there to the right. That’s because I stuck them inside of the “Pull Quote” plugin, but that plugin can be modified to look like the image below:

That little bit of trickery works with Simple Pull Quote modified to contain and align any shopping cart buttons in WordPress. Download the file “” and unzip it to your WordPress plugins folder and activate it. If you’re already using Simple Pull Quote you’ll probably have to de-activate it, but I’m pretty sure (without having tried) that you can mod the code in my modified pull quote to work alongside the original if you really need to.

That said, there are other shopping cart systems (the above cart is from and doesn’t cost anything to use, though it is a bit tricky to set up. As with many shopping carts there are limitations on the shipping zones, size, weight, number of items added to cart that make calculating exact shipping a chore. If you go with Mals I strongly suggest you also look into Auction Inc’s Paid Shipping Plug-in for

For a nominal percentage fee per transaction Pay Pal and Google Pay buttons are fairly standard setups with all sorts of options capabilities, drop down boxes for different items, colors, sizes, weights etc.

There are also the shopping carts you can install yourself. ShopSite is one such cart. $30 a month will get you basic, $60 the full feature cart and for $1,000 to $1,200 you can buy it outright. You’ll need to have an SSL (HTTPS) secure socket layer server because it processes the card information right on your site – but that will also work with your business. I set up the cart on one of my domains without the SSL (so don’t even THINK about putting in your credit card number). I gave the item a price of $0 but shipping is five times what the item would cost so don’t try to check out. The buttons for that cart are below:

The main thing here though isn’t that it’s so easy to set up a shopping cart, but that it’s easier than it was several years ago because back then it was impossible to do it without a dedicated programmer who needed to get paid $125 to $200 an hour. It’s cheaper now and you can often split the work with your webmaster if you can learn and he’s patient enough to teach you by coming over and going over the steps with you five or six times. That’s how long it will take if you take good notes and practice occasionally. If you start practicing right away and don’t stop for two or three days you can learn it in one or two lessons.

So whatever shopping cart solution you decide to use, make sure you use an SEO and get your pages done right and you’ll sell products. Trust me. I know.

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1 Paul K. November 22, 2010 at 10:52 pm

Kick ass! I love this – that Pull Quote idea rocks!

2 Gices Abraham March 2, 2013 at 2:31 pm

With the number of open source ecommerce solutions on the market, accepting payments online has never been easier. PrestaShop or OpenCart are great for Linux servers while NopCommerce is a must for a Windows box. They all come with built in support for Paypal so you don’t have to spend much money really to get your website up and running (except for a great theme and hosting).

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