Small Business Search Engine Optimization with Matt Cutts

Small Business Search Engine Optimization with Matt Cutts

by Dave Curtis on 11/08/2010

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Most small businesses have never heard of Matt Cutts. Virtually every SEO has – and no good SEO hasn’t heard of him. Matt Cutts is a Google software engineer who also happens to be  in charge of Google Anti-Spam. That’s the part of Google that is constantly looking out for what people are doing to try to game the search engines into putting lousy content up in front of searchers looking for things worthwhile.

“A sitemap can tell Google ‘Hey, these are the URLs that are important to me.’ You can even set a priority in your sitemap file. But most importantly when you’re first starting out you might not have a lot of links, and so we might not crawl your site very deeply, and so if you have that site map you’re at least telling Google ‘Hey, I’ve got 20 pages and these are what the URLs are.’ Now, it’s not a guarantee. We’re not saying ‘If you give us these sitemaps we promise we’ll crawl these pages.’ And you can immediately see where a bad guy would make a thousand domains and submit sitemaps for each domain, so we can’t guarantee it, but we do try to say ‘You know, let’s see how many pages we can get from this domain,’ so it absolutely cannot hurt your site to do, it can only help, and hopefully help more and more every time.”

In the following video Matt Cutts is back and talking about the sheer number of changes in Google’s algorithm going on every single year. 300 to 400 according to this video.

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