SEO and Affiliate Marketing – A Day in the Life

SEO and Affiliate Marketing – A Day in the Life

by Dave Curtis on 10/26/2010

in Affiliate Marketing

It started off just about as expected, woke up, eggs, toast and coffee, juice and a cigarette. I’m still quitting, I rationalize, but since I have one more in the pack and a total of $4.23 distributed over three accounts, today may be my lucky day (lucky day to quit, that is).

Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of social networking, the well-known venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is teaming up with heavyweights of the social Web to create a $250 million fund to invest in social start-ups. The “sFund” was announced by John Doerr, a Kleiner veteran, on Thursday at a star-studded press conference at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif….In an interview, Mr. Doerr said applications and infrastructure to support social experiences on the Web would continue to grow rapidly.

First thing, check out a couple of favorited Tweets. One retweet by Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone – a “GOLD” tweet about how Social Media is being taken advantage of by firms investing hundreds of millions of dollars in creating an online persona. For real? Apparently so. “Kleiner Perkins and Partners Create $250 Million ‘Social’ Fund.” How did I get into this mess? Where’s my thousand dollar a week job in the city? Why am I looking for clients in an area where they’re seriously considering this as my competition?

(image, left) Just love seeing those old timey quaint signs from over a half a century ago. I just don’t like having to be forced to compete with them now in the year 2010 where the offers start in at around 250 dollars.

So now here I am reading about a firm in a part of the country where I should be living and working, and it’s spending 250 million dollars on a huge social media campaign. Great. Love to help. For just $27,878.77 I’ll jump right in and give you guaranteed measurable results!

Next BrentDPayne, fairly famous big SEO working for the Chicago Tribune tweets “Oooh this button has a REALLY high conversion rate… ‘launch a virtual server’. It’s like geek porn!” so I head over to to check it out. I have to sign up for that so I do and now it’s a contract I don’t have time to read – really, I don’t. Close window. Never find out what that’s all about. Maybe I can sell it though – to geeks geekier than me.

Last night was productive. Took my “Affiliate Millions” book by Anthony Borelli and Greg Holden and input all the formulas for PPC Affiliate Marketing into a spreadsheet along with sticky notes in the column titles so I wouldn’t forget what all of it means. 🙂 This same spreadsheet is going to be able to cover dozens and later hundreds and one day perhaps thousands of PPC affiliate campaigns

PPC Affiliate Marketing Spread Sheet

PPC Affiliate Marketing Spread Sheet

PPC Affiliate Marketing Sheet Showing Raw-Volume Calculations

PPC Affiliate Marketing Sheet Showing Raw-Volume Calculations

This is the nitty-gritty stuff that deals with how to chart and calculate your progress from multiple perspectives to perform more than one analysis at a time over variable time periods. I know Sugarrae has a variety of Affiliate Marketing sites, but as she has told me “none of my traffic has ever come from ppc – 100% organic here” I’m pretty sure you’ll never seen anything like this on or That said, I would much rather get thousands of organic links to build huge amounts of web traffic (beyond what people Google), but if PPC is to be relied upon until whatever time it is that you get those organic links it’s nice to feel secure knowing from day one that you can track your progress and quickly pull the plug on any campaign that shows negative projections. The main deal is knowing that you’ve got to sign up with accounts at the various affiliate locations on the web so you can get your tracking coded links and your payment information set up so you’ll get paid. It’s actually pretty cool. The main thing is having a big enough startup budget to begin your first project and carry it through to the end of the month until you get paid your earnings. Otherwise your PPC campaign will have to rely upon what’s in your account.

I actually bought three books on Affiliate Marketing but the other two were ho-hum. Affiliate Millions is the real deal.

Ok – so maybe I didn’t get off to such a great start today – I’ll just have to work late tonight. It’s almost time to drive my disabled sister to work washing dishes somewhere, and my 90 year old mom is scheduled to have two nurses come over to start providing her with at home care. It’s been a chore doing it by myself. At times I’m alone here with her and find myself having to pick her up off of the floor. My sister only weighs about 80 pounds and can’t assist, and my back hasn’t been used for heaving heavy weights around for years. The nurses should be able to help.

So the spam blocker I installed on one of my client’s blogs decided that she was a spammer, and I got a frantic email that all of our links have been hacked. (no it’s the spam blocker) What was the terrible spam it blocked? “Thank you David for all the great work you do.”

Yep. That’s spam alright. The plugin’s name is Spammer Blocker. I like it but there’s no way to manually add a single IP or remove a single IP. I disabled and uninstalled the plugin and added WP Block You that will allow me to add blocked IPs directly to the .htaccess file.

So I continue the day from the parking lot of Win Dixie. Mom decided at the last second that I really need bananas – and she needed a prescription.

The Affiliate Marketing bug has bitten me here though because I don’t have to sell anything – just put stuff out there that people already want. I’ve got 20 years of experience in sales and that’s pretty much the way it works (huge arguments brewing over that statement, I’m sure – be sure to comment below).

So now it’s already noon – time to get to work on a client’s blog, latest update today I think will be one on pure organic essential oils and their health benefits. Later folks. 🙂

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