Google Alerts to Keep Your Content Current

Using Google Alerts

by Dave Curtis on 10/16/2010

in Affiliate Marketing,Blogging,Every Day SEO,Viral Marketing

When you’re setting up an affiliate web site and need to keep content current it helps to have the information as it happens. I use Google Alerts and monitor them as they come in, check out the pages, and then do searches in Twitter and Facebook to see what’s trending. The top trending stories deserve to have new content written about them quickly so that you can take advantage of the buzz. Here’s how you set up and use Google Alerts:

Right now I’m starting an agressive new project with 131 different categories of related but very specific topics. I’ve created 131 Google Alerts to email me as events happen. Though it’s impossible for one person to update all 131 areas of a blog by himself on a daily basis, it is possible to write a post once in a while, embed a specific video, include news links (an excerpt and a link will do) and generally flesh out a site over time. What I’d eventually like to be able to do is display each subject’s alerts as they happen within each page through a feed so that the entire site would have dynamic content on each page. Since the alert feeds are not static Google says they cannot be run through an onsite feeder set to read them, but must be manually updated. Without having spoken to anyone about it yet though I have an idea that there might be a way to accomplish something similar, but it would require 131 different email addresses and 131 different feeds to implement.

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