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Why Get Thesis?

by Dave Curtis on 10/01/2010

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Why Get Thesis?

Imagine that you have Thesis. Your blog is a privately hosted, database driven WordPress blog (not the free hosting offered by WordPress where you are limited as to what you can do) and you are using a fully customizable premium theme known as Thesis created by Chris Pearson.

Your blog can function as a full content management system and is fully SEO capable, meaning that it is fully configurable to be found by the search engines, and Thesis is used by many of the top SEOs in the world as their choice of WordPress blog themes.

Matt Cutts, Google’s chief software engineer in charge Web Spam uses Thesis – that’s how good it is for Search Engine Optimization.

When you buy Thesis Chris Pearson will show you the best way to set up pages, sub pages, posts, add tags and do the SEO, create links, insert videos, create meta tags for your images and best of all, how to create “hooks”. Only Thesis provides this.

I hope you like it. It’s the best way to learn. Later (when you’re ready and become more advanced) you’ll be able to FTP into the site directories and pull out files so you can modify them using Notepad.exe or your favorite text editor – but the hooks are really what’s going to drive how you make the most intricate changes to your site right out of the box!

Face it – modifying free themes manually is a big pain. Lots of trial and error, downloading the theme zip file to your desktop and doing internal file text searches for snippets of text to locate exactly the file(s) you need to hack, backing up the original file(s) and then hacking away for hour, uploading the modified file(s), trying it all out to see if your changes worked (and seeing what got broken in the process) – and going back to the drawing board afterward to do it again. Over and over, for each blog you build. What a pain!

There is an easier better faster way to do it. You don’t want to have to hack code over and over and then FTP images up to the blog to see how they replace the default banner and do a whole lot of other nonsense changing background colors, link colors, moving links from one spot to another – and then take forever cloaking your affiliate marketing links, and neither do I. I want everything 1, 2, 3 quick and easy – and I want to be able to blame it on the developer if it’s not. Chris Pierson is THESIS’ developer and he’s damned good. (I’d say I love him but I think then Joe Hall would say “Well if you love him so much, why don’t you marry him?”)

Thesis makes everything you want to do right away easy. Menu system, banner graphic, posts showing or not showing, media box, SEO options like 301 redirects – and a whole lot more built right in. Heck… because I own a ton of domain names I even bought the Thesis developer’s pack – a super cool deal with a heck of a savings – and since I can build a dozen blogs (blogs that don’t even look like blogs any more! More like company sites) that all look totally different from one another, I don’t have to learn the quirks of dozens of themes – Just Thesis!

It gets more complicated than that of course (doesn’t everything?) – with “hooks” to make the whole “advanced design” thing much simpler – but you can build a whole site that looks good and functions well right out of the box and looks good the first day. I did, like a kid with a new toy. Take a look: Some of you will say that looks pretty basic. It is. But how about THIS list of impressive THESIS sites:

And there’s more! It’s easy to create an online store!

I could have modified that site to the hilt had I more time to understand the hooks – and I still can later on once I get my mind wrapped around the whole thing. But for now I can bang out a quick site with modified borders, modified number and placement of sidebars (or remove all sidebars) etc – quickly, easily and professionally. You can too. Get Thesis – with a 30 day money back guarantee, I guarantee you that you’ll be jumping with joy over this thing for months. 🙂

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