Investing in SEO to Stay in Business

Staying Focused on Future Gains

by Dave Curtis on 09/01/2010

in Small Business SEO

Staying focused on service and investing for future gains during times of financial crisis are two of the most important rules any successful business owner can live by. Having a daily plan and sticking to it as closely as possible is essential. During tough times the stack of bills seems to outpace our abilities to pay them, deadlines are looming and falling behind schedule, short staffed, is not an option. Client’s are getting cold feet, running out of financing, and ever family it seems has members who are losing their jobs – the world seems to be falling apart all around you and you’ve only got one choice: hang in there with a plan and keep working because outside of hitting the lottery that’s the only way there is to reach the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Several of my previously business owning friends and professional acquaintances who had not invested in their web sites had businesses that were around for decades. But when the economy tanked they simply couldn’t survive and  had to shut their doors forever. At first they cut staff, reduced their number of operating hours to lower utility bills, cut their print advertising budgets, and generally scaled down on everything – but it didn’t save them.

One particularly close friend and good client who had been running one business for twenty three years opened a second business not closely related to the first one and hired me to build a site. The products, though quite attractive looking, were rather pricey and products quite similar in appearance and quality were available at Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and elsewhere and usually for less. During the time I worked on the site I knew that without some serious efforts in link building, heavy blogging and PPC advertising campaigns there wasn’t much chance of things taking off as the economy tanked.

The other business that had been around for 23 years had no web site, and my repeated offers to build one were always put off.

I knew that building a site for that business would be a real bread winner because the niche was specialized and not too many Tom, Dick and Harrys were out there selling the same thing.

The small start-up business finally went under. The 23 year business was losing revenue. With nowhere else to turn the client decided to go for the web site selling online using the free shopping cart along with the business’ existing credit card merchant account so no changes would have to be made there.

Through continued small investments in my SEO over time and simultaneously opening up an eBay store, cutting back on unnecessary expenses and scaling down wherever possible – even to the point that the rented business office space itself was finally let go – a business which had existed for 23 years as a brick and mortar store without a web site was finally able to convert entirely to online sales and stay in business. Thanks to the efforts of a working SEO.

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