SEO for the Little Guy

SEO for the Little Guy

by Dave Curtis on 07/13/2010

in Small Business SEO

The little guy is the small business antique shop on Second Street, the guy with the gun shop on Main, the flower shop up on the top of the hill. SEO isn’t easier to perform for a small business than it is for the Antique Road Show’s web site or Remington or Smith & Wesson or for FTD florist – Small business SEO is harder because there aren’t thousands of individual antique dealers linking to your site or thousands of NRA chapters and government law enforcement web sites linking to your site, or multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual budgets to fuel print and television advertising to drive people to your web site.

Small business SEO requires a lot of work and creativity – with only a very small fraction of the resources big businesses have at their disposal. So when you hire an SEO to take care of your small business’ web site look for someone with a track record of being good on your less robust budget.

With a great big budget any halfway decent SEO can accomplish huge gains in traffic for a site. 5,000 well placed (mostly paid) links pointing toward a web site will generate a huge amount of daily hits and with it, a great many more purchases. But 5,000 well placed links are well beyond what most small businesses can afford – and I’m not talking about links placed in obscure directory listings planted by Indian and Chinese labor, but good text links embedded in relevant content in prominent pages on web sites which themselves are getting a decent amount of daily traffic. You get what you pay for.

So when you’re looking for an SEO with a track record of good results to improve the traffic to and sales from your own web site, hiring a big expensive highly successful SEO with a $1000 budget isn’t going to get you any better results than hiring someone who’s a good SEO who only has a track record doing search engine optimization for a lot of small businesses that have low budgets. “Wow!” results on a shoe-string budget need to be measured and judged with that in mind.

Local SEOs are going to be less expensive for several reasons. First, they understand the area and the local economy better than someone who has to rely on census and other demographic figures that can be hard to understand. Quite often clients aren’t good photographers or don’t understand what’s needed. Many times clients don’t have time to sit down and write – so the SEO has to make personal visits and ask questions until enough information is gathered so that work can move along quickly. A lot of client’s want to be able to update their own site’s content, but even with the right kind of site design that would allow them to do that, they have no idea how – so hands on instruction has to be provided. The big SEO companies will fly someone in to perform this work, and once there, you’ll have to give them all of your attention, taking time off from your business to do so – or pay them extra (usually billing you by the hour) to stay longer. Now your small business SEO budget has at least quadrupled (and that’s an understatement) to the point where even if you made any gains in sales – it would take you years to recover what you spent.

So, with the idea that you get what you pay for – look for an SEO who has a track record of getting businesses to page one in the search engine return pages for key terms that people in the area are searching for, and don’t expect to find national top page rankings for two word terms like “Great Stuff” with 100,000,000 competing pages. That would be nice – but that quality of work on a tight budget is like expecting a filet mignon at taco stand prices.

Now that you know how to find a good, fairly priced SEO for your little business, please consider a Working SEO: Office: 917-521-4798, Cell: 813-308-8614

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