SEO and Ambition

SEO and Ambition

by Dave Curtis on 05/31/2010

in Search Engine Optimization,Small Business SEO

Real ambition and staying focused on high quality results go hand in glove. Those seeking SEOs need to hire quality people that are up to date on today’s SEO techniques, and who are focused on achieving results.

On the other hand, good SEOs need quality clients that run quality businesses – or those SEOs will find it harder to succeed in their work.

The term “Quality clients” has broad meaning. “Quality businesses” does not just mean the size or number of employees or how much money that business is making. To optimize a web site the word quality also means the quality of information the business will be providing the SEO with to develop the web sites.

Ambition alone is great – but do those ambitions include the ability of the staff to provide the information needed to produce timely, quality press releases? Is their staff capable of working on schedule to provide enough information to sustain a lengthy email campaign? Does anyone understand how to perform marketing copywriting? Can they do halfway professional looking photography? Is anyone good at graphics? Do they have their own video camera? If not, is their budget significantly large enough to outsource this work to a copywriting service, photographers, videographers and a marketing professional?

More often than not the situation from the SEOs perspective resembles the following scenario:

The SEO receives a detailed site layout, very specific details as to design element placement and content, functionality, expectations and a small retainer. This is normal. So far so good. After starting the job the SEO is asked to stop everything on multiple occasions (after spending 17 hour days for the past three weeks working at emergency speed creating, updating and editing, editing, editing a new site) in order to redo the whole thing because suddenly the design has changed – whim changes that have nothing in the least to do with SEO or ultimate site performance or conversion. This “stop-start-stop-start” is not as unusual as some would think. It is the primary reason why SEOs prices go up the longer they’re in business. It is also the primary reason why SEO contracts become more and more detailed and involved because unless the SEO charges strictly by the hour, there will have to be a contract that stipulates that any original (first month or otherwise) flat fee start-up pricing structure converts to an hourly fee as soon as 30% or more of the site (or some set number of pages since a site can be hundreds or thousands of pages) requires rebuilding, or after a pre-determined number of hours of work have been performed.

On custom sites that are not database driven dynamic builds menu system are often hand linked. Thus the menu system may be contracted separately since multiple menu systems may have to be maintained individually which can be almost (or) as complex and time consuming as building the actual site itself.

Thus, essentially what is required from a successful effort between a business and an SEO is proper, well thought out direction without constantly rewriting the playbook.  What makes for quality is ambition, teamwork and positive attitude. More than anything a good SEO will provide service to the extreme and bend over backwards to make a job work. As an SEO is a service provider, that attitude is essential.

Keep that in mind when working together with an SEO and your business and your project should proceed smoothly and produce good results.

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