When A Picture Doesn't Speak A Thousand Words

When A Picture Doesn't Speak A Thousand Words

by Dave Curtis on 05/06/2010

in Small Business SEO

When a picture doesn't speak 1000 words.

Search engine optimization isn’t something most of the small businesses in my part of the world think they need. A business refusing SEO before now suddenly finds itself without any walk-in traffic because the tourist attraction next door closed its doors for good. Another long time business open since 1961 finds itself in trouble because competitors are taking over the web.

What makes it even worse is that both of the small business’ Web Sites are nothing but a series of .jpeg images embedded in hollow HTML documents where even the clickable links aren’t keyworded. Yikes!

Many web developers produce .jpeg mock-ups of sites and send them to clients for approval – these mock-ups aren’t meant for Google and only represent rough, tidy design layouts needed to proceed onto the real work of building the site.

There are some (thankfully not many) web developers selling sites that are essentially mock-ups – pictures that don’t say anything to the search engines at all – sites that will never be searchable for content – pictures that speak no words. These “Web Sites” are sometimes given away free by friendly people not interested in charging any money. But whether they are free or paid for there’s a serious dis-service being done to the person who relies on a site to get more business.

As an SEO I’ve run into many all FLASH and all .jpeg web sites – sites that often look gorgeous – that the site owner simply loves to death and can’t a) bear to part with or b) see why re-doing the site should be any more expensive than the original picture(s) they paid for. If only I could sell real estate the same way those “JPEG Graphic Web Designers” do. Here’s a picture of a house, have fun living in it.

My pity and sympathy goes out to the small business owners who have Web Sites made of  nothing but photos. So, in 400 words or less, a decent SEO can almost promise clients the world (and usually deliver) because virtually anything they do will spike sites like these in the rankings and gain these small businesses much improved results.

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