Google & Bing – Self Appointed Web Site Connoisseurs

Google & Bing – Self Appointed Web Site Connoisseurs

by Dave Curtis on 08/21/2009

in Small Business SEO

Self appointed web site connoisseurs.

Think of a site as though it were a bottle of wine. Think of the main theme of a site as the main variety of grape that makes up the dominant character of the wine. Think of the sub-categories of the site as though these were the additional varieties of grapes used to add subtlety to the wine. Age plays a factor – just as in wine, so with a domain name. French wines rank most highly in importance just as dot coms are best… followed by dot org, dot net – not worse, just not the very best because virtually everyone prefers dot coms.

Just as the predominant variety of grape in a wine is important, so does the quality of each bunch of grapes selected to go into the wine play an important role in the Connoisseurs top selection of a vintage. Think of the bunches of grapes as paragraphs. In the very finest of wines that rank more highly than all others this selection goes down to selecting individual grapes.

The Connoisseurs of web sites are Bing and Google. They appointed themselves years ago as MSN, Yahoo and Google (Bing now owns the right to use Yahoo search engine technology, and Yahoo is using Bing’s search engine results in their own returns). Web sites without search engines would be like millions of unrated wines, with no way to know which one was best.

Purchasing a domain name and a hosting plan like owning or leasing a vineyard. The first thing you think is “I would like to build a site”. Google says you should write for your clients, not for the search engines. Yet at the very same time, Google the Connoisseur says “we will only deliver what is the very finest of sites to the top search engine results, these will be our picks, these will be our recommendations of the very finest sites there are.”

Quite obviously the SEO is to the web site what the Vintner is to wine. To make the very finest site you must have an excellent SEO or Google and Bing, the Connoisseurs, will not rank your site well. Google and Bing will turn up their noses and snub your boring little site without character, without body, without depth, without the richness of other sites listed amongst their top displayed results in your category of web site… just as wine Connoisseurs will snub all wines lacking those same fine and noble characteristics found in what they have judged to be the very finest of wines.

Your SEO is your Vintner. The web developer is fine at tending and watering the vineyards, fine at keeping out most of the bugs – but web developers aren’t SEO’s… not unless every single thing they do is geared toward SEO first – and sadly, most web designers just don’t qualify. Cheating Vintners will cheat and add too much sulfate to the wine. They’ll take a poor harvest and dose the must with a concentration of sweetness to artificially raise the alcohol content of the wine – and in rare cases, even dose wines with anti-freeze (in 1985 diethylene glycol was added to wines in Australia, and in 1986 methanol [wood alcohol] was added to some Italian wines, killing 26). These are the “Black Hat” tactics used to rank for better wines that have been found out – and Bing and Google are looking out for SEO Black Hat techniques that try to sneak unworthy sites to page one in their rankings.

So the well qualified SEO provides the invisible service that makes your web site the best it can be to compete against all of those millions of other sites built by home-grown web developers and other qualified SEOs as well.

While it may be fun to make wine in a tub, and the tender of vines may make a pretty label for the bottle “just as pretty as those expensive bottles of wine in the store,” know that the connoisseurs are going to test it and rate it looking at over 200 separate factors – and they are not going to give it first, second or third prize. Pretty pages, graphics and flash aren’t going to help your web site rank.

Pages one, two and three are the SEO equivalents of those prizes for each and every keyword phrase you want your web site to rank for. Hire a qualified SEO if you want your site to do well – and just as the world’s best wines are displayed and are selling billions of bottles in millions of stores world-wide, wines that cannot rank at all only sell locally, and sometimes, not even that.

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