Content vs SEO – "Gaming the Search Engines"?

Content vs SEO – "Gaming the Search Engines"?

by Dave Curtis on 02/14/2009

in Search Engine Optimization

Content vs SEO – is Optimizing Content “Gaming the Search Engines”?

The World According to Google

(There’s also a nice article written on Aaron Wall’s SEObook blog discussing SEO and content at

Ranking alone for sites that are lame is what is usually referred to as “gaming the search engines”. It’s work that is frowned upon because in most cases, black hat cloaking techniques must be employed that present one version of the web site to the search engines, and another to site visitors. On a legitimately worthy site optimization has to be done, in part, by creating good or great content so that the site ranks well. So, no, SEO is not “gaming the search engines” it is fine tuning the content to make it compatible and in line with the rules written by Google.

Search engines FAIL on a regular basis to rank worthy content (the NY Times online is a prime example) because their algorithms are looking for keywords and key phrases and neighboring text typically related to those words and phrases. Search engines can’t really “read” anything. So “NY Times” content or not – optimization has to be done on it to get it found. Understanding what Google defines as great content and gaming the search engines are two different things.

With over one Billion pages indexed by Google today’s world of getting your pages found in Google requires more complex solutions than just great content.

Hire an SEO if you want your site to be optimized. If you can’t afford it – then learn ho to do it yourself – no matter how long it takes, no matter how much effort you need to expend and no matter how many books and blogs you have to study. Google, Yahoo and Bing are grading your site – so after you write, edit it for a good final grade. :)

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