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I base this statement on empirical evidence, meaning first hand knowledge working with a thousand individual clients, business owners, peers my age, and the things I have read on the web.

Let’s look for instance at a flower shop owned by someone who in 2016 is now in his late 40’s. He has a website for a year with a steady 600 visitors per month (7,200 visits, many new, per year), but has no clue that the domain name for it needs to be paid for year by year. In spite of my having explained it fully, he thinks it’s some kind of a scam to get extra money out of him when I don’t charge him for monthly or annual updates, or for hosting. But he’s got to pay for his own domain name.

He doesn’t want to pay ICANN (The International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) for his domain name. But it has to be paid by everyone in the world for every year they own a domain name. Without it their website has no friendly address that can be typed into the browser bar.

As a total favor I’m informing this guy that he needs to pay it. Not for any money coming my way, but as a favor. Yet after over an hour of back and forth between him and someone who works for him there’s nothing but stubbornness. I don’t work for free. I have time to spend with friends where I don’t expect payment, but I don’t beg them to make the right choice and wind up wasting my precious time and expertise. 7,200 visitors a year, mostly new, and you think none of them have come by to become new clients? There’s no belief in your own business if that’s true, and I’m not here to convince you otherwise. Good luck.

Sadly many of the businesses I deal with are run by people who were born within this time range, or in areas of the country where today’s world wide recognition of the importance of technology has lagged severely behind. …or, as Archie Bunker once said about the internet: “Is that thing still around?”

For some the internet just doesn’t exist. Not in real permanent terms. And if in permanent terms, not in terms that it is undergoing constant change just like America’s original dirt roads gave way to interstates and state highway systems and paved roads and gated communities.

From now on I’m not chasing after clients and trying to convince them they need SEO when they don’t even know what SEO is. From today forward I’m going back to my former two decade career of tending bar as a top notch bartender/mixologist and bar manager.

You can visit my new site at http:UpOrOnThe.Rocks

I’m still taking on new SEO Clients, but I’m not going to have to take difficult client jobs just to pay my bills. I’m accepting new clients based on how badly they want real results and are able to pay for them. My standard set non-negotiable fee is $125 per hour, the same as every other good, proven professional SEO.

That’s standard organic SEO. Adwords (SEM) is extra and so is Social Media Marketing/Social Media Optimization (SMM/SMO).

I was born in 1957 but got heavily involved in computers when I was 35 and haven’t stopped since because I knew that computers and the internet were the biggest change in human communication since the Gutenberg movable type printing press.

Call me if you’re ready to proceed with SEO on your site.

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