PayPal Here

PayPal Here

Have you ever tried to cancel a PayPal transaction using the PayPal Card Reader and iPad app either just after entering the price or after going the next step and swiping the card? If so then you know that it simply WILL NOT give you an option to back out. There is no back arrow button in the PayPal iPad app for the card reader. You must either proceed to the client signature and confirm (and then issue a refund later) or you’ll never make another transaction without getting rid of the one in queue. The people at PayPal said not to worry, that if nothing is done the entered in data “should go away by itself in a couple of days”… meanwhile back at the store people are lining up with products they want to buy and they have their credit and debit cards out waiting to pay. So for whatever reason a customer changes his or her mind after you start ringing up the sale on the iPad, you need help.


  1. Hold your iPad in the vertical position.
  2. Go back to the home screen (click the home button at the bottom of the iPad).
  3. Quickly double click the home screen button (the one you just clicked on once).
  4. You will now see all running apps on the iPad.
  5. Find the PayPal card reader app and DRAG it upward and OFF of the screen.



Dragging any running app upward and off of the top of the iPad screen will kill the app and stop it from running, and it will also log out anyone logged in. So if there are two or more separate user accounts make sure you know which one to use to log back into the app (You’ll be given a multiple choice so don’t worry about having to remember each name), and the password for that user.

Normally when you leave the tablet dormant and it logs out there’s no “choice of user account” required – you just put in the password you’ve used before and it’s good to go.

That’s it! You’re done! – Old transaction cancelled and totally gone, and you’re all logged in and ready to make another sale.

PayPal’s online help? Useless – you’ve got a line of customers out the door – no time to play. PayPal’s phone support? Better but still time consuming. I hope this helped.

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