This Best practices to help Google Find, Crawl, and Index Your Site Article is for The Clients.

Although I sometimes write for fellow SEOs just starting out, quite often there are times when I have to deal with clients who make suggestions counter to what will help their sites rank. Here is a fairly straightforward video produced by Google to explain duplicate content and scraping.

The words “can negatively affect your performance in the search engines” is a nice way of putting that your site can have a manual or algorithmic action taken against it. That’s pretty stiff, particularly if it’s a manual penalty.

Just what does that mean? It means if you don’t handle SEO right or have a good SEO working on your site you’ll wind up with things like this in your life. On the YouTube page, in the comments where this video are the following comment quotes, among many, many others:

Google has ruined my business too.  It was a website selling bridal dresses.  They don’t care and I will never forgive them as I had to make my first employee redundant today.

With a reply from someone below that who said:

Well said. I’m dealing with an issue right now where my website got hacked. I just paid over a thousand dollars to have the site rebuilt and cleaned up. I just resubmitted the site (which is my livelihood) and Google replied back with a very generic response that the site is still spam even though I revamped the whole thing. They won’t say why they feel that way. It is like there must be some fat guy eating a bag of chips that just got too lazy to look at my site or was in a bad mood and hit ‘deny request.’

Rather Than Hire SEOs They Get Outdated Plugins to do The Work

There are a lot of very angry people out there. But they went too far, and they didn’t hire good SEO consultants. Instead they decided they could jump right in and do the work themselves. A lot of them are using the massively popular WordPress Yoast SEO plugin with it’s stoplight “red, yellow, green” measurement system. There’s still a section in it for meta keywords. Totally outdated. Meta Keywords are entirely 100% useless everywhere, and have been for years. The old ways of doing things are hard coded into Yoast’s SEO Plugin. It includes on-page keyword density to get a green light on keywords repeating themselves a certain number of times in the content. That’s bad. It includes a strict requirement for having the exact same phrase in the page URL, the page title, and on the page itself, as if it were a magic bullet formula. …

Maybe Call The Plugin People?

I’m not picking on Yoast, they’ve done a beautiful job, but in my professional opinion their plugin is outdated and they’re just pushing the old version as the latest and greatest without showing real regard for today’s reality, and it’s not just Yoast. … So maybe after the penalty the Google black-balled web owner who used some kind of plugin to help them do their SEO will panic and be thinking “I must have done it wrong, I feel so bad, why didn’t I call the plugin company to do it for me the first time with their “Pro Package”… if only I’d have spent some of my marketing budget more wisely and done it right from the start?”

SEO Does Not Have to Be Expensive

For local multi-county service area businesses I usually only charge three to five hundred dollars a month for ongoing services for corporate services, and less for corporations that have a full time sales and marketing director I can work with directly. The more the marketing director can do to guide me in my work, the better. That includes video services such as the following I recently did for Back to New Heating & Cooling:

This video has a bit of a problem due to the fact that the house was “live” meaning that it had no carpets, drapes, or anything but sound reflecting hard surfaces everywhere. It’s my fault for not doing two tests, one with the on-table mics and a second test using a shotgun mic, but the client was still pleased. Live and learn. I’ve done multiple other videos for them that are better.

In general though, what you get is multiple unique articles per month that will focus on the current terms required for your business, whether they be holidays, or seasonal things like floods and storm damage repair, etc.

You Get What You Pay For… Or Do You?

Even some of the biggest professional top SEOs get their own professional site’s penalized by Google; I’ve seen it. When you’re hiring an SEO for your business, you don’t want to hire someone who takes risks. You don’t want to hire a “gray hat” SEO, you don’t want to take risks that will make you have to shut down your business and let your employees go. Go white hat, safe Google practices, go for solid, steady, cumulative results, real, hard, technical work that will cost you a little bit of skilled labor pay on an ongoing basis, or you can go for the make it rich quick and easy methods promised by the plugins. My way is cheaper.

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